Can I use your themes with my WordPress.com free hosted account?

WordPress provides a number of quality themes that can be used on their free hosted accounts, but our themes are not included at the moment. This means that you can only use the themes on a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Can I use your themes on commercial projects?

Absolutely! You are more than welcome to use the themes that are available on our site to develop commercial and client projects.

Can I modify the theme to my liking?

Our themes were created for development – this means that images, colors, fonts, layouts and anything else related to the design of the themes can be changed or modified. In addition, the copyright notice in the theme´s footer can be edited or removed. We realize that many of you are developers and will be using our themes for client work, although link-backs are appreciated.

How does the payment process work? When will I get my themes?

After you select a theme or a club package, you will be taken to the checkout screen where you will need to fill in your name and desired user name and password. You will then be directed to Paypal checkout where you complete your payment. After your payment has been completed, you can log into the member area download your themes under “My Theme Downloads.”

I paid already. Still haven´t received any e-mail and can´t log in. How long will it take?

Please make sure to check your SPAM folder in email inbox. If it´s not there, please use contact form and contact us with your purchase details.

I´m already a member. How do I buy another theme?

If you are already a member, you can either go to ?My Account? on the front page and purchase another theme/subscription from there, or buy one directly from the theme listing page (if you are logged in).

Which payment types do you accept?

We accept credit/debit cards or paypal direct payments. All payments are processed via Paypal. – The easiest, safest payment solution.

Will I be charged every year if I buy an individual theme?

No. If you buy a individual theme then you will only be paying for it once. You will never be re-billed. Recurring billing only applies if you sign up to become a club member, which gives you access to all our themes.

Does my basic theme license (individual theme purchase) ever expire?

No. Your basic theme license will never expire.

Do I need to cancel my subscription if I have only bought an individual theme?

No. If you have only bought an individual theme you are not a subscriber and will not need to cancel your subscription. You will have lifetime access to your theme and our forums.

Does my individual theme purchase include a PSD file?

The developer licenses do include a PSD design file, but the basic licenses do not.

Can I still download the themes after my subscription has ended?

No, you will need to contact us so we can manually add the individual update you request.

Can I still use the themes after my subscription has ended?


Do all the themes work with WordPress 2.8+?


Can I change the language of the theme?

No, however, it is possible for you to translate all of the English terms within the theme, by simply tweaking the template files. Many of our users have done this before and it should not take more than a hour or so.

Do I need to keep premium themes.net credit link in footer?

No. You may remove it. But we suggest you become an affiliate member and place place your affiliate link there. Every purchase referred by that link will earn you whopping 30% commission.

How do I update the theme if I have an older version?

In every theme package we include a changelog.txt which includes all the changes for each version. If you haven´t made any modifications to your theme files, then you can overwrite your old version. If you have made modifications to your theme, you will need to study the changelog to see which files need updating. You can also compare your old modified file against the updated file with any good HTML Editor or use an online tool.

Will the themes work with my plugins?

Yes, most plugins should work with our themes, HOWEVER we can´t guarantee they will do so. There are some plugins that make use of Javascript libraries that may conflict with the libraries used in the themes, which will make our themes not function properly.

What is the distribution license of the themes?

Please check license details Page for more details on this.